Major release for our installer software: Paquet Builder 2021 - July 16th, 2021

Originally published at: Major release for our installer software: Paquet Builder 2021 - G.D.G. Software

We are pleased to offer you a new major version of our installer generator software. With the latest versions of Windows 10 (and soon 11) bringing a cleaner, more modern interface, we thought it was also necessary to offer a new, more modern interface for installers created with Paquet Builder: That’s why we added a…

Hey guys,
I love the improvements you have made to the Paquet Builder 2021. I am particularly delighted by the new modern theme. I would like to make some requests and offer suggestions to make it even more awesome.

While the new theme is a wonderful improvement over the previous, it would be really great if you could introduce customization of all theme elements. That way we could brand the installer to look and feel like the rest of the brand. This is quite an important marketing element.

Please add customizations for:

  • Background color
  • Foreground color
  • Top bar color (where the close x is located)
  • Close x color
  • Font
  • Text color
  • Button shape (corner radius) and background color, hover color
  • Button text color and hover color
  • WYSIWYG editor: add text color, size and font
  • Splash image: increase the size/resolution

This would make the already awesome installer even more amazing.

Please let me know what you think of those suggestions.

Thank you!

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