Major release: XLS Padlock 3 - September 9th, 2017

XLS Padlock 3 - a major release

Protect your Excel workbooks, formulas and VBA code against copy. XLS Padlock 3 lets you sell licenses for your Excel workbooks with new online activation and validation, WooCommerce integration and much more. Upgrade is recommended for registered users with an active maintenance.

What’s new

  • New online validation feature: ask a web server to validate the end user’s activation key before letting him access the workbook. Since it can be performed periodically, validation allows you to control the use of your Excel workbook: for instance, you can remotely block access in case of fraudulent purchases or refunds.
  • New WooCommerce integration kit: you can now sell and automate licensing of compiled Excel workbooks. Activation and validation features of XLS Padlock can be automated and fully integrated with your existing WooCommerce shop. See a fully-functional online demo. The WooCommerce Integration Kit is available for free to every XLS Padlock customer.
  • New security option: Hide Formula Bar (and disable the option so that users can’t activate it again in the secure Excel session).
  • New feature: secure save files can be configured to be readable only on the computer they were saved on (hardware-locking).
  • New feature: clear activation data. Lets you remove activation keys on your local computer for testing purposes.
  • When selecting a secure save file, if the user chooses Cancel, the EXE goes back to the previous dialog box (where the user can choose what to do).
  • The Print option is now disabled when print is forbidden.
  • Users must confirm now when they save over an existing save file (prompt for overwriting save files).
  • Optimized loading of secure workbooks.
  • The “Protect Sheet” context menu command is now disabled.
  • Disabled “Share” button on Excel 2016.
  • Improved disabling of UI controls for all Excel versions.
  • The QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) is now always reset in a secure Excel session (can be disabled in the XLS Padlock’s Advanced Options).
  • Several Excel constants are now properly recognized by the VBA compiler.
  • The secure Excel session will no more open workbooks executed from Windows Explorer. Instead, they will be opened in a new Excel instance.
  • New VBA API related to online validation.
  • Updated user guide.
  • Updated core components.
  • Minor improvements.

XLS Padlock is software for protecting your Excel workbooks, VBA code and formulas.
XLS Padlock works as an Excel compiler that allows you to turn your Excel workbooks into secure applications (XLS to EXE). A lot of security options and customization possibilities. Learn more about our Excel workbook protection software.

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