Menu on dual monitors

My setup:

  • EXEOut 2.1
  • Using Ribbon setup
  • Dual monitors

When using dual monitors, main display (monitor 1) on left and using compiled app on monitor 2, the dropdown menu appears on monitor 1 when app is fullscreen.

Not a huge issue but thought was not working until spotting dropdown menu on other monitor.

Tried to get a screenshot but did not work out.

What dropdown menu exactly? Could you attach a screenshot? Thanks!

Already scratched the project since menu was messed up and could not wait days for solution (if there was one).

Not sure I can explain it any better. Default app using ribbon. It says “Menu” and when clicking the arrow down, menu appears on other monitor.


Your description is enough, we’ll check that, thanks!

Been really busy traveling and just got back, so finally figured out way to take a screenshot of dual monitors.

The left of image (all black) is main monitor 1 and general demo in full screen on second monitor: