Message "on top" with URL link?

In ExeOutput, is it possible to display a small message at the bottom right (above the system tray) and for that message to always be “on top”, above all other windows and to have a link at a URL address so that when it is clicked, that address opens in the browser ?

I would like to use a timer to run a code that checks one URL and when it receives the appropriate data it should display a message to the user, but so that the message is at the top and contains links to a specific www address.

It should look and function similar to a message from an antivirus when it detects a new threat (for example).

Yes, our ExeOutput software can let you have your app create an icon in the taskbar when it is minimized (use the UI Components => TrayIcon). And what you want to do is certainly some sort of notification like in Windows. It is possible to do this in HTML with JavaScript, we have an example in our main demo.

Please refer to our General Demonstration to see working samples: HTML5 notifications