Migrating a web application to ExeOutput


I think you guys are doing a great job.
I’m interested to use ExeOutput to move a web application to desktop, I looked a little at your documentation but I couldn’t find if you support 2 requirements that I need:

  • php classes autoloading (spl_autoload)
  • rewrite rules - my application uses a framework that redirects everything that is not a file to index.php and has internal logic to interpret the requested URI to generate the right response

Do you have any support or workaround for this in ExeOutput?


  • Please try the “Unpack the file(s) to virtual memory at start-up” option for _autoload. We’ll see whether we can implement it better in a future release.
  • rewrite rules are not supported. We do not use any third-party server like Apache, so .htaccess files for instance are not handled. In a future release, we’ll see what can be done in this area.