More information about HTTPS feature

Could you explain what is actually happening when this is checked:


Need to know a little more about it before using apps on school networks.


We use a “secure” version of the internal protocol to serve PHP output to the Chromium browser. But exchanges are internal to the app. HTTPS is required for WebRTC to work properly in Chromium.

Thanks, but rather vague. (or maybe I am a dummy).

When asked about this by a school IT department, like to have a little more knowledge.

Is there any place online I can learn about what is actually going on? Something that a dummy like myself can read to become informed on the subject?

Maybe this?

Basically, the internal server and the webbrowser are the same app (your EXE) and exchanges between them are based on the secure version of HTTP.

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Ok, thank you. Just hate to be caught off guard when asked how the process works inside the EXE app. Good link too, thanks for looking it up for me.