More than 1 workbook in online Activation

How can I have more than 1 workbook to be activated online?. Do I have to share the same master key in the Config.ini file?

I have been working with XLS for about 2 mos now and have bumped into this issue. I needed a saleable product (active and stay activated unless I deactive it) and a trial version with a 7 day trial timer.
There appears to be 2 methods to do that… one is by adding a little PHP, and the other by copying & pasting a second copy of the Activation folder … renaming that second folder to “ActivationB” . The PHP seems more rational & parts are shown on the Blog on the user site. The site says they’ll send me a copy of that code for the asking … and I asked twice , but they seem to resist sending that code. Search the site for “AcivationB” and you’ll see a few notes on that. I implemented that method… Clunky as it will seem to you, it DOES work, and I currently use Activation B for my trial (I’ve got the Woo commerce activation kit) and Activation for my “real” product. You’ll understand how it works after you study it a bit. Of course if you are selling 10 or 30 products … you’ll be begging for that PHP code. Good luck.

and yes you need the same key in both folders.

I searched ActivationB but found nothing. I think that using the same master key for diferent products is not the way it should work because. There must be a way to sell more that 1 product with XLSPadlock! Please help us, Guillaume!

ActivationB is just an example for the folder name. Currently, you must have a different activation folder for each of your protected workbook (if they use different master keys). Otherwise, you can use the same activation folder and the same master key for both of your workbooks.

Gregory I was confused by this at first too because the two folders are almost identical. and redundant … However it does work for me. I’m using the WOO integration kit. What is actually happening there is that Woo is picking the folder you have pointed it to for a given product. I DO use the same master activation key for both … but you can have a different key in folder B if you wish. This must match your master key in the XLS control panel … so you have to know which key goes to which …Think of it as an environment setup for each product you protect. have you noticed that little toaster looking button on the right top of XLS? In there you can store configurations of XLS. Just make a config there for each of your 2 products and select the one for the product you are working on. It will restore the settings you need.

They are supposed to have some code that allows those of us who know how to code a way to use only one folder… Thou it is discussed in this forum (and at some point they did were going to provide it upon request. (as a template for coders like me… not as a product).

I did ask for it …but never got a response … very unusual because GDG support almost always gets back to us. Maybe I didn’t understand that thread correctly. …

I have 2 activation folders set up. One is for a 14-day trial period and one is for a never-expiring version. I have 2 different products set up in Woo Commerce.

My problem is that if someone purchases the 14-day trial, they cannot enter the activation code (token) from the never-expiring product after they purchase it, because the Product # does not match. Both folders have the same Secret Key, Application Key, and Application GUID. How do I overcome this?

I have the PHP code that Phuong provided back in November, but I am not a programmer, so I don’t know exactly how to adapt it to my needs. His version lists for different expiration time periods, but doesn’t include one that never expires.

(I think it is pretty crappy that XLS Padlock deleted it from the forum completely. They could have offered it as an instruction on where to place it in their MainController.php if they didn’t like their proprietary file being listed in the forum in its entirety.)

Hey its nice to hear from a fellow struggler.

So I am a programmer and if you can send me that code I think I can help us both.

I’m going to be a little shorter winded than I wish here … but I have an appointment shortly …hope to discuss more later.

So you know by now that when you create a new product is WOO it gives you a new product number monotonic sellers don’t need to differntiate between folders because they have only one.

You and I DO need to differentiate though(and I think this is where the directions fall a little short). In their directions they talk about product check as though its some option …but doesn’t mention the relationship to these product folders

I believe that’s how it knows which folder to use (A or B)

Here’s how I got mine working (I already had a single product working)

0.) enable product check in Woo

1.) added a second product called “7 day trial” in Woo and noted the new product ID

2.) Turned on the product option ID check in Woo

4.) I think I had to point WOO to the folder (activationb) for the 7day trail product
Don't forget to check the box in woo to confirm its a software product.
**The product ID is the only thing I changed in folderb** ...and I seem to recall it is that product check that makes it work.

Its' likely Woo didn't want to have to support the program changes in the code you have there.
I understand that ...but I'll be happy to have a look and likely can make the changes ... then reduce it to a single folder solution. After I do that I'll show you how I did it and equip you to adjust if to have your 20 products. If I tweak the code correctly it will be easy for you.

Also WOO has a mechanism that is supposed to take a trail and convert it into a "fully locked" product after the client pays. That would be best ...but ...

They omit some information there too.
  First .. the XLKS appears to embed the rules of your deliverable (7 day , fully unlocked, active check etc). in the key, not the xls APP.

But for me I use the automation key so the user does not have to contact me for a key .. instead I'm using the slightly less secure method of having WOO deliver the key in email. The Woo key is made partially from the Name of the client, and partially by the order number with a dash in the middle. Do I am not sure how WOO can auto-switch the trial into a working product in the mode I'm protecting it in. Hopeully I'll know soon & I'll let you know.

What i do Know is that when I test the 3 day trial on a clean machine (using my trail product which has its own product number, and compiling using the "7 day option" in XLS but delivering it to the customer with the WOO key) it DOES expire in 3 days.

Feel free to e-send that code to me if you can...


3.) made an exact copy of folderA except changed wpcheckproductid = [ID] to the trial ID

We are also working on extending the WooCommerce Integration Kit to manage different workbooks with the same installation (and different controllers).