MP4 video not aligned with frame

Which version of HTMLEXE are you using? Any screenshot of the problem? And HTML code?

I have used Twine to build a web app that has MP4 videos. While viewing it in a web browser as HTML it works fine. When I make it into an exe using html exe the videos are not aligned in the frame. You only see the bottom half of the video. I have searched the forum and have not found an answer. Anyone have any ideas?


I have included a screenshot of the problem as well as the HTML document and I am using 4.6 Trial Edition. Your system will not allow me to upload html or .doc. Why? I will copy and paste them into the body of the reply. No matter what format I save in your system will not allow the upload. Hard to show you if this continues.


You can zip your files and upload them for free to
Then post the given URL for us to download or send it by PM.

BTW your HTML code is somehow encoded so it will be useless… Please send a non-obfuscated version.