MP4 video won't play when compiled

I have a website which plays MP4 video using the HTML5 “Video.js” player which works great. I would like to make a USB version with HTML Executable (v4). When compiled the site itself looks and works great, but for some reason the video links are not getting localized and still stream from the on-line site. This is apparent when I switch off my internet access, and the videos don’t play at all.

I’ve kept the video files external and tried changing their address manually in the HTML file to an absolute local address but videos still won’t play when compiled. Interestingly, if I open the same HTML file directly (with the local address) it works fine in Chrome and Firefox but not in Internet Explorer 9. Online it works fine in all these browsers.

I suspect it is something to do with HTML Executable using IE9 to view the HTML files, and for some reason IE9 doesn’t like playing MP4 files locally. From what I’ve read here in the forums I may need to use the built-in server to get around this, but I am not sure I entirely understand it. Has anybody here had experience playing external MP4 files successfully? Should I switch to a Flash video player and forget MP4s altogether (I would have to re-encode 24 long video files)?

I am completely stuck and would be grateful of any help. Thank you.

AFAIK Flash is able to play MP4 video (at least recent versions), so you could try to switch to a Flash video player.
You could also try the built-in server: see

  1. enable the built-in server as explained at
  2. locate .MP4 in the list from in “Application Behavior - Content Filetypes” and switch from “extract to disk” to “serve with built-in server”.