Multiple products -ID

In your updated Woocommerce kit if you have multiple products how will you go about specifying the ID as every product will have a different ID ? How can you prevent activating the wrong product -Dont fully understand your ID use in th kit in multiple products

Remember that there is one kit’s installation per product. So if you want to host multiple products with the same WooCommerce, you must install the kit for each of your product in different subfolders:
activationA for product A
activationB for product B

That doesnt make sense for lot of variant products…lets say you have 30 variants then u must install 30 kits ?..poor option but sorry this is a big fail this option

If you know PHP, you could modify the paths to have resources in common (especially the vendor subfolder), but otherwise, yes, you would have to install 30 times the activation kit in 30 different folders.