Multiple video support

I created this application with 3 videos in it. these are 720p MP4 videos, size range from 30 mb to 80 mb of each video. The major problem I am facing is with the buffering. while playing the video it uses 80 - 100 % CPU usages and hangs the PC badly.

  1. I have tried to keep videos external still same.
  2. Tried to implement JQuery lightweight video player - still the same problem
  3. Tried to keep the file virtual with 2GB of virtual space - still the same issue.

need urgent help on this.

For playing video files, are you using a Flash based player?

no its a Video tag and default video player in Windows 8.1 with IE 10 - windows media player mostly

Try to switch to a Flash based video player

Thanks for your reply, but i am using an exe to run the videos locally. as per flash security policy it wont allow to run videos on local. Please suggest

Try the _heopenit solution as explained in the Playing Media Files topic of the doc.