Mysql connection error

I used exeoutput for php in standalone application.

i have use php and mysql database.

i got connection errors.i refereed help and used server2go application.

but i got following errors.

PHP Warning:mysql_connect():[2002] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
(trying to connect via %url%)in E:\mysqlserver2go\server2go\myapp\Data\config.php on line 11
Do you want to disable future error messages?

pls help me…thanks in advance…

It looks like you have firewall problems: make sure the machine with MySQL server set up on it accepts connections from your computer. Or did you check whether the connection ports are the same in your server and your compiled application?

my client denied the permission by mistake
so made a new inbound rule
still didnt happened
got error
target machine actively refused it and can not read PID

need solution for this …