MZ Tools recommended?

Has anyone here used MZ Tools? It promises to do everything you would want it to do but after downloading a trial version working out how to use it is challenging and the user guide generally just says what you can do rather than how to. Am sure it shouldn’t be this difficult. I did find an English speaking youtube video but gave up on that five minutes into it. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks. Dave

Hi Dave. I have used MZ Tools a lot over the years with VBA and have to say I find it invaluable. I only use a few of the bits of functionality, but adding and removing line numbers in conjunction with quickly adding meaningful error handling are 2 things I use daily, and am lost without it. I think the free one was a bit flaky, so I purchased it a year or 2 so, and have no regrets. What are you having problems with? Paul

Hi Paul
Thank you for your reply. I am hoping it will be as invaluable as you have found.

I currently copy VBA scripts to a Word Document and then search that folder for text strings for snippets that I am looking for. The thought of being able to do this from within the VBA editor sounds great but when I came to using the trial I found it difficult to follow. I am hoping that it is just the learning curve – hence my reasoning for enquiring.

By way of example I located the Code Library – Manage Code Library then created some folders and tried to import the word document – all to no avail and the directories were removed afterwards to rub salt into the wounds. Okay I subsequently learned that this feature is for importing/exporting code between different machines using MZ-Tools and that I should use the New Button (when accessible) to paste in the code from my word documents.

I then tried to find a way to load existing modules (from existing projects) with a view to being able to save various routines, functions etc (or part thereof) to a stored snippet that I can call upon when needed. But there are only so many times you want to search through every menu item hoping you’ll find the right one.

I do think half the battle is that the ribbon icons are not the clearest even on a large widescreen – the other half being no clear or obvious guidance.

The trial mode appears to be fully unlocked so I am not disadvantaged by that. If you have any tips or pointers towards any tutorials they would be greatly received.

Many thanks again.

I’ve not really used it for snippets that much if im honest. more for quickly building the basics like class properties etc. The only snippet I use is a custom error handler, which I havew assigned to a shortcut key, but even that one is awkward (originally CTRL + B) as if you didn’t have code window selected, you started reformatting the worksheet cells, so I can imagine if you have lots, it won’t be great.
Just thinking outside the box, its not difficult to write a macro that will generate the VBA code for you and insert it into a VBA project, but my usual attack is more the brute force, CTRL C CTRL V from a previous project, so certainly not what you are asking for in this discussion! Final consideration may be to have all the code/functions in a “parent helper” doc, and point them to apply to a reference to the new docs. Not ideal as you’ll need to always open the code doc, and then create reference to the doc, but at least you reduce the versions of the code.

Appreciate non of that is really what you’re looking for, but maybe some options you can consider? Final thought is that I previously worked in a role where almost every application accessed SQL servers in one shape or another. We basically had a database.cls that handled every possible method we required, so first step in every project was to simply import that class.

Hope that helps a little, feel free to reach out again if you like. Best, Paul

Hi Paul

Thank you for your reply. I guess it will be a brute force attack and trial and error. I don’t mind putting the effort into trawling through the modules and copy/pasting the snippets as the end result is worthwhile for me. I suspect the Guides don’t explain how to do it as it presumes it is blatantly obvious )-;


Best regards