Navigation to the webpage was canceled [SOLVED]


I’m using ExeOutput for PHP 1.6.0. When I compile an application and run it, I get the following error in the application window:

Navigation to the webpage was canceled
What you can try:
Refresh the page.

I thought that might have been an issue with my, but it’s not, since:

  • I have installed the latest Windows updates
  • Older version of my app, compiled with the same version of ExeOutput for PHP a few months ago still works just fine

So this seems to have something to do with the way ExeOutput compiles the application. Is there anything I need to do, i.e. refresh the license or anything?

Thank you.

Answered to your email message.

I have the same problem. Can whoever answered this please send me an email message as well?

Update: Here’s how I got rid of this error.

It seems that once I moved from Windows XP to Windows 7, some of the PHP modules that were included by default were no longer available.

So I went and uncommented all the @ signs in my code (so that I was able to see any warnings or errors) and found out that my app was erroring out when accessing a COM call, for which I needed the php_com_dotnet.dll extension. Since the extension was not included with PHP ExeOutput, I got it off the net (googled for php_com_dotnet.dll download), copied the dll in the extensions directory of PHP ExeOutput, included it in my app (which got significantly larger) and then the “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” error no longer appeared.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the follow-up!