Need help on exeoutput

Dear friend i m balaji , i have exeoutput licence i have some doubts reguarding exeoutput.

  1. Why K7 antivirus automatically deleting index and adminer file. how do i resolve this problem.
  2. We need silent print option , you said it will be update in version 2.2 , when will be we expect it.
  3. Request page accessing a little bit late than web browser, how do i resolve this problem,
    can we maintain cookies in exeoutput?

Please give us suggestions.

Thank you.

Why K7 antivirus automatically deleting index and adminer file. how do i resolve this problem.

When the issue is antivirus is complicated, the right is you provide a log to the dev.
I’ve never had problems with antivirus

You can use my script for silent print, the new version of exeoutput has a little delay does not come to harm.

It normally works cookies.

JavaScript Frame does not print images. V2018 (Solved) updated 18/03/10

Good luck

Hi wayos, thanks for your reply.

can we maintain cookies in exeoutput?

and why exeoutput is not supporting chrome options like required?

please give us suggestion.

Thank you.

Explaining, the program uses CEF which is the heart, so soon they are not the same thing, except rendering…

We can not count on all chrome options because chrome only uses the webkit engine the print options, favorites etc are chrome things, have developed only for the browser!

Did you get it? Of course the one day the @gdgsupport dev can also add these options, only this takes time, it is not from day to night.

In chrome, too, it took time.

If I am wrong correct me, or add some information.

The dev @gdgsupport could pass the link to you on how to work with cookies(in the exeoutput), I do not remember at the moment.

Sure, you have the option (you can also search the documentation for cookies :wink: ):

Certainly this antivirus program is having a false positive. The antivirus vendor should have a form where you can report false positive, or contact their support team. Do you know the website of that antivirus software?