New level to protect your publications

Ok, so today I sat and thought of all the ways to copy my publication. So as of now there are ONLY two ways a user can copy your publication without your permission as @gdgsupport took care of the rest with the hardware lock, screen protect…etc. These are

  • By using an actual camera and snapping the screen
  • By allowing printing capabilities to the end user, and the user creates an entire hard copy of the publication

Now you may say that I can lock down the printing option and not allow an end user to print, but there are some publications which will need to allow printing (not for sharing or reproduction). So in that light I was thinking how about watermarking every page and came across this article.Watermark text repeated diagonally css/html. Now this works perfect but I need to pass the publication username into the above code. So instead of the word howbloggerz being repeated the publication’s username would be there instead. That way should a user print my publication and reproduce a hard copy of it, his name or the name of the publication’s user would be pasted all over the document. Anyone including @gdgsupport can you all help me achieve this please.

It’s possible to include the name of the user into the HTML code thanks to HEScript and JavaScript. See this code example:

And use JavaScript to write the following HTML code to the document, and replace howblog… by the call to window.external.GetGlobalVariable(“RegisteredUser”, “Not registered”)

<div class="watermarked" data-watermark="howbloggerz">

Hmm…Im not that experienced in html…can you show me an example please…:sweat_smile:

Not tested but it should be something like:

Of course, you need the code from that article:

hmmm, seems something is missing, it didnt work :worried: