New Windows Rolling Up

Could not think of better way to describe.

When opening new window using javascript they sometimes “roll up” and all that you can see is small portion of title bar. Attempting to resize them does not work, must close the window and reopen.

There is no real set pattern when this happens. Does seem to happen mostly on first time open.

Very simple javascript used:


NOTE: cannot post above javascript code. will not allow to create topic - 403 error popup so had to use image.

And if you don’t specifiy width and height in your parameters?

Have not tried that. I have to use the width and height specified or would simply use target _blank and be done with it.

Have tried on two computers and same behavior so pretty sure would be easy to duplicate.

Do you think you could take a screenshot of the problem?

Do my best to catch it doing what I said. But, not much to see in a screenshot besides the tiny little title bar and the minimize, max, and close buttons.

The window starts out at size in javascript and rolls up into a tiny little window with only title bar showing.

Not necessarily easy to duplicate because all popups in our tests open fine, even when you repeat opening them. Maybe it’s related to the page you are trying to open in the popup? Does it have JavaScript?

Sorry, have not been able to spend much time with this issue.

Since the header location method changed again, been spending hours and hours fixing the many software titles I have at schools.

If you say it is not an issue on your end, must be on mine and will try to figure it out when I get a breather.

You are correct, the page had some old javascipt that should have been removed long ago. My bad…

Never had any effect on prior versions of EXEOut, so I badly assumed it was the new version causing issue.

Sorry for the false alarm.

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