"No input file specified." on Windows10 ver.1803

My application (MyApp.exe) compiled with ExeOutput for PHP could not work on some Windows 10 April 2018 (1803) PCs.

MyApp.exe can be launched, but windows contents are empty, just saying “No input file specified.”.
The log is as below:
5/28/2018 20:40:43 Scheme Request URL start: http://heserver/index.php
5/28/2018 20:40:44 PHP ERROR: Not Found

  • The Windows 10 (1803) PC, any Web Server service (like IIS) are not working, and PHP program is not installed.
  • MyApp.exe was compiled with the newset version of ExeOutput for PHP, 2018.1.
  • MyApp.exe works just fine on several Windows 10 version 1709 PCs, so that the compilation itself seems fine.

Is there any way to avoid this mysterious error.
Any suggestions, hints or everything are welcome.

Thank you,

Please double-check that the EXE was built with version 2018.1 because we don’t have this problem on Windows 10 with April update.

Thank you, It works!

My failed situation was like this: the exop file was originally created on ExeOutput for PHP 1.7, and I opened it with ExeOutput for PHP 2018.1.
When I created a new exop file on ExeOutput for PHP 2018.1, it worked fine.