No input file specified

Hi. I make sales management system via PHP. It works to in XAMPP server. I use PDO to connect MySQL. But after include MySQL I get “No input file specified.” error. I also tried it in remote server. But result is the same. When I don’t use MySQL it only open html files, doesn’t open php files and get No input file specified error

Which version of ExeOutput are you using?
And on which Windows version?

Os: Windows 7 x64
Exeoutput for PHP: latest version - 2018.1

Is PHP installed on your computer? And while you run the EXE, is XAMPP server already running? There could be interferences.

No, I don’t install them. When I include only database.php it executed successfully. It connect to DB. But I think Exeoutput can’t handle with big project :confused:

Looks like more a configuration problem. Some customers have “large” projects that run with ExeOutput and MySQL and they don’t have problems. Without your code, it will be difficult to help.

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OK, now I’m working on new project. I’ll try again. Thank you for your supporting.