Not a valid win32 application

Hey guys,
I’m new to the paquet builder but pretty excited about it. Hopefully someone can help me out with a little problem I am having. Basically I am trying to package up an installation of Visual Studio 2013. The package is very big, with updates it compiles to 6.03GB. However, when I try to launch it, it errors out with message PACKAGE NAME is not a valid win32 application. I have successfully built other, smaller packages and it all worked fine. Not sure what the problem is with this one. Is it too big?

Please help.


Just learnt that windows EXE can only be up to 4GB. That makes sense now. Thanks.

For others: in similar case, you should enable the option in Paquet Builder to create a multi-volume archive. Learn more at
This option is especially designed for making SFX packages larger than 4 GB.