Not a vlid win32 DLL

I am interested in exeoutput for php, i downloaded some week ago as a trial and installed on my Win8.1 Laptop and simply compiled already running php application in exeoutput, but after wasting multiple hours in few weeks, still unable to run exe generated.

I am getting “Not a valid win32.dll” error almost 10 times, if possible please guide in this regard.


Do you have an antivirus program? Which
version of ExeOutput for PHP are you using?

I m using Exeoutput 1.7 and Avira antivirus program is installed on my computer, i am using this antivirus since 2005 without any issue till now.

The sole DLL used are PHP itself or PHP extensions. Try to reinstall ExeOutput for PHP if one DLL has been corrupted.

I remove completely and reinstall many time but the issue is same, i m using win 8.1 64 bit, now as i think i need to check on another computer with diff OS like 32 bit. While I am checking on another computer that may be available after few hours. if required support team can take me on remote support (like teamviewer or ammyy) to identify the problem.

Is it possible for you to provide us with your EXOP and EXE files for testing?

If yes, you can zip it and upload it to

This is a free and ad-free hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so we can download the Zip archive.

Finally I identified the problem, it was due to, I uncommented some extension DLLs like php_curl, php_mysql ect and also included these DLLs in exe. after making it back to comment it is working fine but a new issue arises i.e. It is working fine with Internet Explorer engine but due to old version included some stuffs not working, and when i switched to Chromium engine application opens and get hanged (Not responding)

Sorry for miss communication the problem of hang is on both win7 and win8.1 if chromium engine is selected.

Chromium engine will be updated in ExeOutput 2 so stay with IE engine until version 2 is available for everyone.

Expected time if any ?

A few weeks. We’re in Beta testing currently.