Not possible to remove built with HTML executable - SOLVED

I have just bought and installed the commercial edition of HTML executable with the no branding option.

HTML Executable Commercial (#169123) 1 unité(s)
HTML Executable - No Branding Option (#300483516) 1 unité(s)

On my account, I find this
HTML Executable - No Branding Option [#300483516]
Numéro de référence :
Date de commande :
Nombre de licences :
Mode de paiement :
Carte de crédit
Statut du paiement :
Paiement reçu
Clé de licence :
Your account was updated to take account of the purchased option.
I have installed my programm an gone into dialog boxes to remove the brand from the about box.
but when I try to build my application, I get a fatal error notification saying that I was not aloud to remove the brand and that I should buy the no branding option.
What can I do ?
Isabelle H.

To enable the no branding option in HTML Executable, you have first to deactivate your license and activate it again with the same activation code as previously. Please see more instructions in the “My Account” page at if required.

I did deactivate htmlexe but since Kaspersky security was
active on my computer, I got this notification saying that my
firewall had prevented my system from reaching the deactivation
online site. So I am supposed to send you this deactivation code :


What do I have to do next ?

Thanks for your help,

Isabelle Halary


Problem solved. I uninstalled HTMLexecutable and reinstalled it, then copied in the activation code and it worked. I was able to remove the brand information so everything is all right.
thanks for the tutorial.
Isabelle H.

Hello there. I purchased only the commercial edition last week. Today I purchased the no branding option. What should I do so that I can used the no branding option in my commercial edition?

Please check your email inbox.