Number of activations not picking up order quantity

Hi gdg team,

I detected a defect whereby my number of permitted number activations was not picking up the order quantity. For example:

  • I have a workbook with maximum activations per order of 1
  • I order 3 copies in a single order
  • Expected result = I can activate the workbook on 3 different PCs
  • Actual result = I can only activate on 1 PC

To work around this, I added some extra lines into the MainController.php that correctly picks up the total activations allowed:

My workaround is simple because my workbooks have no variations. But for workbooks that do have variations, some extra careful coding may be required for the workaround.

Can you please fix this defect in your next release of the WooCommerce Integration Kit?



Thank you for your report. We’ll investigate and fix the issue if any in next update.