On Line Activation Suggestion

I have a scenario and I need to get some direction for it.

I am teaching a class on-line and the student should be able to click a button to register the CHM to EXE Installer.

I have the PHP script up and running on my servrer
I have the ability to use PayPal for a fee

But people that take the course are also getting the CHM to EXE software file as part of the curse and it will be a limited one year license.

So how can I do that. I am asking for a way to write code or similar to access the registration screens that the user will see as if they had paid for it.

Show me the way…



What is the CHM to EXE Installer? It is the product available at http://www.htmlexe.com/chm2exe ?

I am talking about my final product, which is a converted CHM file that has been compiled through HTML Executable 4 and then turned into an installer package. My final product is not the issue, it works fine. I am looking for a way to have a user license it with the hardware lock keys enabled.

I have two models here:

  1. They pay with PayPal using the PHP server scripts that I have working now.

  2. They license it without paying, perhaps with a “token” that I provide to allow the licensing for free.

I have no idea as to how to get #2 done with automation. I can definitely manually license them from the server cntrol panel to Add New user. But can I automate that? Can I bypass the Pay-Pal portion with a direct link to the registratio page (for free). Or is it as simple as making a 365 day trial that starts the time period upon installation (I would have one Pay-Pal version and then one 365 day version). My pre-paid course would then link to the 365 day version and they would install it and go through the license key process without charge. Because my courses are delivered on a web-server in PHP, the user would never see the install link and would have a hard time copying that free link.

Any ideas would be appreciated for “free” licensing method" that I could use, perhaps from our course registration page.


I think that in your case, this could help:
from http://www.htmlexe.com/activationkit/customscripts.htm

[quote]Add users automatically

In the “admin” subfolder, you can find a script template called remoteadduser.php.

This PHP script is a simple example about how to add a user to the database automatically. It can be used for an automated process in an ecommerce service like FastSpring, share-it!..
You can extend it with automated email, etc…

It contains a function called addusertodatabase with several parameters:
$name: full user name;
$company: optional company name;
$certificate: the certificate ID of the registered certificate that should be activated;
$email: the email of the user;
$comments: optional comments (indicate only).

It returns an activation key that should be given to the user. This activation key is entered by the user
into the publication to activate it.
This key is actually used to identify the user’s record in the database.[/quote]

The paypal.php scripts add a user to the DB. Have been testing BETA 2023, and so far the PayPal IPN although sent (verified) which should trigger this DB user-addition has not worked. Wonder if when Online Activation Kit is updated for release version of 2023, whether paypal.php scripts will need also to be modified?