Online activation and Safenet EV Code Signing

Hi there,
I am wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to this and thoughts to resolve it.
I apply xls padlock to my workbook and elect for online activation. My EV code singing certificate is sucessfully applied and the exe file is successfully created.I elect to test the application. I enter the activation key when prompted. At this point I receive an error message “Corrupted data received from application. Please retry and contact the support if the error persists.”
The G.D.G guys suggest “Apply Safenet modifies the data received from the server and corrupts it. Then your workbook detects this corrupted data and refuses the activation (which is BTW normal… a third-party software shouldn’t intercept data between an application and a server).”
I am seeking some clarification from GDG support but thought this forum might have some ideas.
The Safenet application seems to be standard application used by EV Code Signing Certificate suppliers (Comodo and Digicert for example). So I am thinking that other xlspadlock customers who use the online activation feature and use EV code signing certificates would have experienced this issue? Am I the first to have encountered this?
Any ideas on what a solution might be?

Continued by email.