Online Activation Kit Error - SOLVED


We managed to setup our activation server. when we generate a activation key and give it to a client and he/she enters the activation key the server online gets the System ID, the activations get deducted from the adheak. But on the client side, after taking almost 4-5 mins it shows an error indicating Error Activation not successful: the application could not be registered with the received data.

Meanwhile on the activation server log:
*** entrypoint. systid: 28H3-HD66, userkey: 1608613537, cod: 44732DE5BD68D28C9467915C09800FC0
strcasecmp(44732de5bd68d28c9467915c09800fc0, 44732DE5BD68D28C9467915C09800FC0) == 0
user key was found: 1608613537
key was not blocked and numactivations is 1
max activations not exceeded, numactivations is now 0
generateusercode called. key generated is 3AF53-9EF73-CA241-68018
update_nms() called and exited
exiting script with Success! The application is now activated

We did not notice that we had 2 different HTML Executable PHP Key Generators. Versions 1.3 and 1.4
We used version 1.4 (which includes the option to generate shortcodes) to generate our codes but we used version 1.3 during activation.