Online Activation Not Working

I am using the online activation on my own server. Everything was installed and configured correctly. I’ve created the proper Paypal button with the extra code in it to send a notification back to the activation server. I’ve gone over every step a dozen times now.

The check page states everything is configured properly as well. The email test also completes successfully, and I receive the dummy email without any issue.

A purchase is made, Payment is made through paypal. The user is directed back to my Thank You page. Neither I, nor the customer get any emails from the activation server. An account is never made for the customer in the activation admin either.

The permissions for the session folder are 777 as instructed.

I really need some help to get this working. Someone please help. Thank you.

You need to enable the debug log in the Paypal’s PHP script to
find out what is happening.

In inc/settings.php

$debug = true; // Enable if you want debug log

$debug_log = "debug.log";

Ok… I got further… My initial issue was resolved by adjusting the payment address at paypal. Now when I order, The registration email is sent successfully to the buyer. The info is being added to the admin area as well. However, when I try to activate the software I get the same activation error. I am not behind a firewall or proxy. I have all anti-virus turned off. No blocks at all.

The debug log file from the purchase looks ok as well… Not sure why it won’t register.

Debug Log…

When an end user tries to enter their activation code, they are getting an error that there is no response from the server. But the publication location is set correctly in the software. I have hidden one of the variables for the purpose of this post.

I am getting this error in the publication2 error log with each activation attempt…

[10-Dec-2014 01:28:41 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘fRequest’ not found in
/home/hidden/public_html/heakdist/publication2/hevalid.php on line 27

Class 'fRequest' not found

This error means that the Flourishlib is not correctly installed or paths are wrong on your server. Please check the structure of your folders, and whether the INC files are correctly updated.

I installed everything according to the instructions and from the original download that came with HTML Executable. Everything else seems to work fine. The paths are also correct. Everything looks right from what I can see. How can I make sure that Flourishlib is correctly installed? How would I know if it’s not? How would I know if the INC folders are correctly updated? Please help. I’ve been trying to get this working for a month now. Thank you.

I have gotten no reply to correct this issue since Dec 14th… 3 MONTHS AGO!!! I paid extra for the version that had this and there is absolutely no support to get it working.

“Class ‘fRequest’ not found” means that PHP cannot find the associated class file. If other scripts can find it, maybe hevalid.php is corrupted. But at this time, we can only make guesses… The sole way for us to help you definitively would be checking your installation on your server, however you would have to buy a support ticket since we don’t provide free technical support for the activation kit.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback,
to report bugs or to share your modifications with us. Please note that
depending on your requests, we may not provide you with technical
support for this activation kit for free.Installation services are available: please contact us.


I am encountering the same problem and would like to know how you adjusted “the payment address at paypal.” You don’t have to give me your address, just the steps you went through to adjust it. Thanks!

Make sure your verified paypal address is the same as the one entered in the PayPal’s config file of the activation kit. It’s a security feature.