Online Activation Procedure

Hello again,

I want to start using the online activation, and I would like to lay out my process idea before I tell me PHP programmer what to do, and I will be happy if you can tell me if the logic is ok and I understand your instructions correctly.

The procedure is like that:
End customer pay —>> end customer gets an email with long random key that my website generates for him —>> in parallel my website database saves this random key—>> end customer enters this key to his EXE workbook—>> EXE workbook sends “system ID” of the customer to the website and if “system ID” field in the database website is empty or the same as the system ID received by the end customer, activate the workbook, if activation succeeded, website database saves “System ID”.

Do you think it is good logic for that procedure?

Yes that’s the correct procedure. It’s what we will try to offer in a next major update, with something like a ready-to-use activation kit to install on a web server (like we already do for HTMLEXE: