Online activation process Xls padlock

Bought your software yesterday REF# . and I am trying to install
the online activation kit which I downloaded but I am getting error Method
Not Allowed HTTP 405 (GET /getactivation)
when I point it to

I simply rename xlspadlock-onlineact to a customdirectoryname. As mentioned in your guide

I find your guide you have provided as incomplete -there is also NO
mention of keygendemo and in your guide nor setting CHMOD
on files nor coping the exe to the cgi bin directory -is there any chance
you can provide a thorough guide please ?

Is there perhaps a thorough guide on the process as I am stuck -struggled
for 3 hours this morning and I still get Method not allowed HTTP 405 (GET
/getactivation) - I am an Microsoft Engineer by trade but your
instructions in that guide is definitely not thorough -kindly can you
provide me how I can get past above error.

My hosting company exceeds your requirements for it namely PHP 5.4 or greater
 PHP CURL extension enabled
 mod_rewrite and mod_headers enabled (Apache)

Thank you await your solution

This is the expected behavior, only the compiled workbook is allowed to access this URL, not a web browser.

Because these files are not needed by the activation kit. And, there is no EXE to copy to any cgi-bin folder and no CHMOD required.

What will create the keys if you say those files are not needed -why then make php files available if its not needed ???

But in your online activation kit /inc/lib/XLSPadlockKeygenAPI.php file it
points to the following line

private static $keygen_url =
""; ???

In your guide there is no mentions of these files

Your instructions in your txt are terrible!!! Who ever wrote it should be shot!!!
I await a solution as its NOT WORKING
=== GETTING STARTED ========================================

Study the shipped demo file “keygendemo.php”.

Further instructions are available in the companion file named “”.

Nowhere in your guide there is a mention of this ?

What will create the keys if its not needed ?

Mine still dont work!!! Thats a huge security risk to upload files with the master keys to a server and you say CHMOD is not necesarly -sorry but this does not make sense! Your /inc folder must be chmod to 700 or what ?

Please try to remain polite.
You shouldn’t do anything with /inc/lib/XLSPadlockKeygenAPI.php
Just leave it. That’s why it is not mentioned in the instructions. XLSPlKeyGen.exe is an internal cgi program hosted on our own server. You don’t have to deal with it, the kit does it for you.

Based on your comments about the txt file, it looks like you merged two different packages which are the activation kit and the key generator… You don’t need the key generator if you want to work with activation.
That’s why there is no mention of the files and “keygendemo.php”. They do not belong to the activation kit.

Your master keys in the activation kit must be put in the config.ini file. First, the folder with that file shouldn’t be public and moreover, the .htaccess file forbids access. The kit doesn’t require any execution permission nor writing permission so the default permissions will be enough.

Thank you for the explanation now…I am only telling you why make files available that not necessarily anymore -thats enough to confuse anybody. Remove that download altogether…I thought that must be used together so you can see it s a valid reason…to vague and confusing from your side…remove those files if its not used.

I sat the whole day trying to figure this out as your pdf doesnt mention anything yet its a downloadable file…Ok thanks for the explanation so I can ignore that. I went into all those files to go change pathes…Thank you for clearing that up for me now and please go and remove that downloads thats not applicable anymore…enough to confuse anybody. Thanks I am sorted will do it again and report back…Its NOT misleading anymore!


Golfer 65

The problem is that we can’t remove these downloads, because some customers don’t use activation and still want the key generator in PHP code. What we will do is to add some warning that you don’t need all files at once or choose only one package. Would it be OK for you if there was such a warning on the download page?

Sorry for jumping in your question, but I have a similar concern about this.

Hi XLSPadlock team,

I would like to have this file hosted on our own server, not yours because of the three reasons:

  1. If it is hosted on your server, it would double the chance of servers failure which causes interruptions to our service.
  2. The connection to your server is not secure since it is http://, not https://. The login credential is not encrypted and it might be intercepted and compromised.
  3. Sorry, what would we do if you go out of business?

Very vallid point you made here!!!Thank you

I’m struggling with the WooCommerce Integration Kit too though I believe I have done exactly what shown in the guide.
I contacted the host provider and they confirm that my system meets the requirements:

  • PHP 5.4 or greater
  • PHP CURL extension enabled
  • mod_rewrite and mod_headers enabled

I got to the points:

  • can generate the validationkey.txt in page 7
  • can activate the compiled EXE with correct customer token and can see the hardware ID updated in the WooCommerce. But the compiled workbook refused to let me in. it just says “Key Error” or something.

What am I missing here?

Golfer65 - how are you going with this issue? Is there any luck?

To everyone - Is there anybody out there got this kit worked yet?

I would advise you not to use the standard directory -in the guide it mentions you can use a custom directory. From a security concern if someone if someone know you use xlspadlock they can come read where on the server are the activations and validations and attack your server. So rather use custom directories for BOTH your activation and validation(the path are set in the software -make it difficult!!! -also make sure your directories on the server is not brow sable. Security is key here!.

I have done a quick test and I got both working after I struggled a whole day to figure out all the code. I am not sure about key error as I have done it and it worked. If you dont come right let me know send me a msg or ask support

Got it worked, finally.
I’m so happy with the Xls padlock software so far though still being concerned about some issues mentioned above. Hope that the developer team can address them soon.
A big thank to XLS PADLOCK from a happy customer!

Glad u got it to work…PhuongM. The problem we have a bigger problem with this software as these can EASILY be cracked. If the software is not debugger safe these features have NO PROTECTION - I am still waiting for an answer from XLSPADLOCK support on my question

There is not a single server, it’s on the cloud, so even if the current server fails, another takes its place quickly.

For HTTPS, it’s possible to enable it. We’ll add the option to the next update. You can also already add it yourself because our website supports HTTPS.
But don’t just add https to the URL, it doesn’t work so easily…

If we have to close the service, we’ll inform customers and give them time to make changes (and why not publish the CGI program).

BTW we don’t provide free support for activation kits.

Excellent answers!
I’m aware that the support for that kit is not free and I was considering to get a quote from you if my DIY didn’t work. Luckily that the guide is perfect and i got it worked though I had zero knowledge about server and website initially.
Thanks again for producing a great product to help our VB/VBA Excel community. Look forwards to have your improvements/fixes soon.