Online Activation with SendOwl

Is there a way to utilize SendOwl with XLS Padlock to do online activation codes automatically?

Also how to unactivate a users activation code so they can reinstall the program onto a different computer?

Can’t help with send owl, but with regards to the unactivating, I’m not sure if I do it correctly, however I go into the the order (I use subscriptions so find the parent order) and then find the custom fields and delete the xls_padlock_xxxx field. There is also an option in the help file to add a switch to the executable to remove the activation from a PC, to force entry of a new key here , but I don’t think that would help in this instance

Good luck with the SendOwl question

Thanks. Where are you doing this at? The picture you showing i don’t think is from xls padlock.

I know there is other systems out there where one can unactive and active the end users program they have on their computer.

This would be good to do if customer wants to uninstall the program and switch the program and use it on a different computer.

Now question is if they do that how do we make sure the program is the same with all their saved data they put into the program.

I am sorry - I did that in a rushj whilst in the middle of something else so a terrible explanation! I use Woocommerce + woocommerce subscriptions. The screenshot is from the orders page within Woocommerce which I assumed (blindly) you’d be using, so sorry about that! For me, when someone places as an order on the website, the order is created (and completed). Then, on the first load of the application I have compiled with XLS padlock, validates on the server, and the XLSPadlock that I’ve setup on there, automatically adds in that “userfield” and inserts the users Machine ID, which is collected at the time. Hope that makes a little more sense now?