Online Reactivation (WooCommerce Integration Kit 2022)

I have installed the Woocommerce 2022 integration kit successfully and everything works fine.

I have been carrying out various tests to fully understand how the kit works. For this I have used “keymaxruns” with a value of “5”.

When I first open the executable, I get the activation window. I enter “Email-Order ID” and click on “Activation”. The application is activated and validated correctly.

In the following 4 openings, only the validation that I have configured for each time the application is opened appears. The app opens and works fine.

If I reopen the app for the sixth time, the Activation Window reappears. If I re-enter the same previous code, “Email-Order ID”, the application is reactivated.

Shouldn’t the application crash after finishing the number of “keymaxruns = 5” that I have indicated in the “Workbook.jason” file?

Currently I can only block the reactivation manually, by changing the status of the purchase order or by modifying the code of the custom field “xlspadlock_activation”. Since I don’t want my clients to have unlimited access to the app.

Is there a way to block this reactivation automatically?



This is currently not possible but on our TODO list. The woocommerce kit will store the number of validations done and offer a way to block access if the number exceeds a value entered in settings.

Good afternoon,
So I understand that in the 2023 version of the Woocommerce integration kit we will have access to this function of automatic expiration.



It’s on the TODO list, yes.