Open a window in full screen

If I understand, you want to open a popup in full screen (maximized)?
You could do this with HEScript combined with JavaScript. You must also give a name to your popup for identifying it.

Hello everybody,

I’ve tried to make in javascript the option for the user to open a new window in full screen.

Since HE uses IE, i’ve used this javascript code :'index.html','','fullscreen');

Which works with IE, but it just opens a new small-size popup in HE.
Is it possible to display a html page in fullscreen in HE ?

Or if it’s not, is it possible to automatically auto-zoom the page so that everything (with a fixed size) fits in the window ?

Thank you in advance

I would like to display a page (a new one or the current one, whatever) in fullscreen, so that you don’t see the executable header bar, but just the html page (like a real “Full Screen” display option, same as F11 key in browsers)

Is it possible to do this ? How should I do ?

Thank you

It’s not possible for a single page in popup. However, you can configure the EXE to run in kiosk mode (full screen): see documentation.