Open another secured workbook/xlsc to exchange data


There is a way to access data of Secure excel file (xlsc) ?

My application performs calculations of several objects. Data and results of calculation can be saved as separate XLSC for each object. All saves have the same structure, as they all are made by the same application. Now I need to make some summary of results, so I need to get data from these XLSC files. Even more, from a “central” application I need also to put some data to these files, perform calculations and get results back to the “central” application. I suppose, for that I should create several instances of application using VBA, but how to do that? I.e. how to create another instance of application with specific save file?

In the user guide I found only examples how to open unsecured XLSX files …

“Central application” could be the same application (let say, I can spend one spreadsheet for summary) but in better case it could be another, especially designed for summary purposes. It is possible?

You can’t open other XLSC save files without running the EXE again.
It would be better to exchange data through unprotected XLSX files. If you don’t want your user to directly access data in these XLSX files, you could use a password or encryption with some VBA code.
To sum up, convert your main “central” workbook into a secure EXE that can deal with other “data” and “result” workbooks in normal format.

Thank you. The possibility to open other XLSC file directly from EXE without closing and reopening it would be nice function in next versions of XLS padlock.

Sure, but currently the code that opens XLSC files is only in the EXE shell. We’ll study to see if it’s possible to integrate this feature.

Isnt the option to decrypt the xlsc file a security risk ? If any person can come to your website and download your software they can decrypt that xlsc file ? Am I right ?

I think there isn’t a problem. XLSC anyway can be opened only by application which created it. It just a question - if i work with some data set in secure application and want o open another data set, why should i close application to open the same application with another data set (XLSC)? It could be an option “open save(XLSC)”. I my case i would like to have possibility in secured application open several XLSC (created by the same secured application), perform some calculations, get summary results in one sheet etc. In my case it is not necessary even to protect data and results, because it’s property of user and he can decide share it or not. For me most important think is to protect the calculation routine (VBA code), so data/result files can be stored in ordinary XLSX. But i don’t know, how from XLSX (launched from secure app; actually XLSM, because should contain the calls) can i call procedures stored in secured workbook? Chapter 9.13 in the user guide described it, but example given just show access of opened file .