Open browser cause exe to work strangely


I’m using the auto-extractable functionality to launch a browser (in my case Firefox).
Everything works fine, really, but strangely, if my browser’s already open, what happens is the following:

  • There’s a new tab opened
  • The HTML seems to work but…
  • As soon as the temp data is created, it seems to be erased :rolling_eyes:.

At the end, it seems to work but quite all images are not loaded (as files were removed as soon as created).
If I refresh the browser, it now finds no file at all (Firefox message) => :slight_frown:

Is there a fix for this (bad and annoying) trouble? It’s hard to tell the users to close the browser each time they launch the app (really not convenient).


Thanks, unfortunately this is a known problem. Firefox must be closed before the EXE is started, otherwise temporary files get deleted as soon as the page is displayed. We still haven’t found a workaround yet.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Too bad, I hope there will be a fix soon as it really paint a gloomier picture of this excellent software than it merits.