Open network file... can't figure out how to... :(

$source is on network… look all HEScript examples and did not figure it out to make that part of PHP working…

    if ($fpIn = fopen($source, 'rb')) {

Last issue before buying that great app…

What do you mean by “is on network”? Do you mean it starts with a URL? A local server?

It is on local network. \server\share for example.

That’s strange. And if not compiled, does it work?

yes. I can put link wherever outside compiled folder and can’t make it work. I first try with folder on local PC … Only work if file is within DATA folder. I beleive I do something wrong… just can’t figure out…

when it is in DATA folder I only have $File=“file.txt” and I can open file with fopen($file, ‘R’)

so I assume I do not meke correct $File.

Can you tell me how $File in the above example should look like if file location is \server\share\file.txt

thanks Alex

Try the solution posted here:

works like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…