Open XLSC file in VBA


I want to open my secure file (xlsc) through VBA, because I want to make my button OPEN xlsc in my EXE application. How can I do this? I found how to save secure files by VBA but I can’t find how to open xlsc files.

It’s not possible to open an XLSC file directly from Excel VBA. If you want to implement your own workbook loading/saving, you could use some basic VBA encryption routine for instance to load and save workbook data to files yourself.

But you can open the exe version of the XLSC file through VBA

Indeed, you can also use VBA to launch the EXE file and pass the XLSC file to open as a command-line parameter.
We’ll write a sample for the next release.

This is now possible in XLS Padlock 2019.1. Please upgrade.

Isnt this a security risk -now every person can open a protected xlsc file…Please explain as I find this unwanted

Of course, you can only open XLSC saves made by your own apps and not the ones of other people…