OpenDialog onclick


The actual difficulty i find is that when i use the function > exo_return_hescriptcom("UserMain.OpenDlgFile ", “Error”); it open automatically the dialog box.

I would like to use this function in a php onclick input form without having to send the form, to have this dialog box function only open when onclik input is clicked, is it possible ?


I think you should use JavaScript instead. It’s possible to call UserMain.OpenDlgFile with JavaScript.
Search the documentation (it depends if you use Trident or Chromium).

I have look at delphi help, but i don’t understand how to make the opening of the select image dialog box been cliqued.
I am using Chromium, and my actual solution is to use modal window so it is an alternative until i find how to do it.

Just one more question, how can i configure the> Result := OpenFileDialog(“Select a Database File”, “.”, “.”, “All files (.)|.”, “”); so i can choose type of file to be select from $filename = exo_return_hescriptcom(“UserMain.OpenDlgFile”, “”); ?

Thank-you !

exo_return_hescriptcom can’t run script code directly. Scripts must be written in ExeOutput Script editor, and they are compiled. exo_return_hescriptcom will let you call a function or procedure of your script.
See the documentation