Opening a secure file on a different machine


I use XLS Padlock to lock a sheet, and send it offshore to colleagues that do not have XLS Padlock installed. They fill the sheet, but when they save it as a secure file, it cannot be reopened on another machine in the same network in order to QC the work (they don’t get the dialog window asking them to open the original file, last saved file or another saved file).

The .exe file is generated with the 'only on this machine" option checked off.

What is the best way forward for this?

I think I found the way to do it:

  • It should work, as long as you use (a copy of) the same .exe file that was used to create the saved secure file;
  • If the .exe file has been moved or copied to another location, you probably have to make a dummy save first before the dialog window that allows you to browse to a saved secure file opens up.

The offshore team is checking it now, will report back if this was indeed the solution.

Sure, it’s a possible way. You can also do this:

  • run the EXE with the -load in command line. For instance, press WIN+R then type MYAPP.EXE -load will directly prompt the user which save he wants to load.
  • drag and drop an XLSC file onto the EXE file.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried drag & drop, but that did not work for me.

Will try the -load option, that’s very useful to know.

The -load option works, it immediately opens the window to browse to a secure file.

May I suggest that when you hit cancel, that it not keeps opening the window to browse to a secure file, but aborts opening the file?

Other than that, thanks for the quick support! :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ll add this option to the next version.