Opening menu button in new window

Cannot seem to get buttons to perform as in past.

Using _blank no longer works to open a new/popup window.

When you said “as in past”, do you mean in a previous Beta of V2?

Yes. Or at least best I recall.

Just looking for a way to open new window (not in default browser) from menu buttons.

From the documentation:

Go to a page/url
Lets you open the page or the URL specified in the application’s browser. You can optionally indicate a target: _heexternal (open the URL in the external default web browser) or _henewinstance (start a new instance of the application and open the URL).

Thanks. Was just wanting to open a new window without starting new instance. In other words a simple popup with no controls.

Looking back at some older apps built, _blank seem to do this. Guess that is no longer supported and have to start a whole new instance.

So no way to open a popup style window from menu in V2?

I understand how to open in default browser and start a new instance. Need to open a new window from menu/toolbar.

We’re looking into this problem.

Ok, thanks.

In mean time is there a way I can do this with HEscript Function or maybe javascript? If so, example would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of in a bind here to finish up software for school project. Really hate to go back to using node.


Dang, this is disappointing. Such a simple issue (or seems it should be) wanting to open a popup window from the toolbar.

Here is a workaround:

Thank you.

That works.

Just a woman, never satisfied:) Now if could control window size, I would be forever grateful.

You’ll find some additional options for here:

Been that route and sizing does not work for me. Tried for a hour and gave up. Had to use node to get project completed, which is a real shame.

Seems you guys would be little more willing to help your users. This alone prevents me from recommending EXEout to other teachers at work shops…

Still cannot get a simple window to open when using a button on toolbar? Cannot understand why a feature so simple is so hard:)

Have a math problem generator (html file) which is listed in the file manger and wish to open in a popup window. Do not want another instance of sotware, just a simple popup window with the content.

Well one thing is good:)

In last version could not use width and height (or did not work/have no effect) but now does with this:'assets/trigGen/index.php', '', 'width=800,height=600');

UPDATE: does not work so good after all. First time you click the button window opens. Once closed button will NOT open window again. Clicking the “Home” button must reset something as button will work ONE more time.

Why not allow us to just use a simple target _blank like in node/chromium?

Like I previously stated, using javascript in the code area (in UI Editor):'assets/trigGen/index.php', '', 'width=800,height=600');

It at times will not open again using button in toolbar. Restarting the software solves the issue for a little while.

But, I also discovered that if you do not close the popup before closing main app, the app crashes. This happens everytime.

Can you think of any work around since using a simple _blank tag no longer works.

Very discouraging after spending days creating app only to have something simple as a window stop dev. If I use a hacked together node/php/chromium project works without issue.

In documentation of v2.1, there is a new popup sample:
But the strange thing is that a closed popup doesn’t open again. We’ll investigate the problem.

Unfortunately, the CEF engine doesn’t allow us to pass the simple _blank target you want. Otherwise, we would already have implemented it.

Ok, thank you.

Seems if you can open about box that pops up and is sized, seems like there would be way to do same from menu?

Do you mean opening the about box from the menu?

Yes, something like that. Maybe I am thinking too simple but seems if you can open a custom sized (and styled) about box, would be easy to do same.

I am having all kinds of results using javascipt and most of them are really bad. Crashes app or only works one time. For now giving up and using old method to build apps. End up with apps twice the size but… only choice I have to complete my projects.