Opening PDF files


Is there a place where I could find some scripts for eseoutput?

I am currently looking for a srcript to open a PDF file.

OpenFile just open the browser at the folder place of the specified file?

Thanks for your help.


Is your PDF compiled inside the application EXE or is it available outside?

My pdf is compiled inside the executable. Here is my code, I used HTML2PDF and it works very well:

> <?php if ($generate) { $content = ob_get_clean(); require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/scripts/html2pdf/html2pdf.class.php'); try { $html2pdf = new HTML2PDF('P','A3','fr', false, 'ISO-8859-15', array(0, 0, 0, 0)); set_time_limit(0); $html2pdf->writeHTML($content); $html2pdf->Output('PanelsArrangement.pdf', 'D'); exit; } catch(HTML2PDF_exception $e) { echo $e; exit; } } ?>


See the sample at
It contains a code that launches the PDF created with a PHP Script in the default PDF reader.

go through the generaldemo in your ExeOutput for PHP located in your —>Documents\ExeOutput for PHP\Samples\generaldemo