Out of memory problem

I tried compiling an application with 30,200 Files, 599 Folders which is about 23.9 GB (25,762,086,912 bytes). After taking over 24hours I got the following error from the log.

HTML Executable Compilation Log
Version 4.1.1

Publication Information

  • Type: Interner-Explorer based Viewer (IEViewer)
  • Title: xxxxxxxxx
  • Company: xxxxxxxx
  • Date/Time: 8/28/2012 12:41:10 PM
  • Portable Version: Enabled
  • File Virtualization Settings: max. file size: 25 MB, storage capacity: 64 MB.

Reading Parameters
Checking publication settings…
Preprocessing source file lists…
First check done: the compilation may continue.

Compressing Files
Listing files to be compressed…
Beginning file compression…
Notation: U=Uncompressed Size, C=Compressed Size (in bytes).

File compression done.
Number of files: 30222
Total uncompressed size: 25706143417 byte(s)
Total compressed size: 22556822883 byte(s)
Compression ratio: 13%

Writing Publication
Writing publication basic settings…
Writing language table…
Compiling skin data files…
Processing file properties…
Processing map IDs…
Collecting internal resources…
Generating data for the Search Engine:

  • Parsing HTML pages to collect keywords…
  • Parsing PDF files to collect keywords…
  • Generating index for the search engine…

The following error has occurred during compilation:
Out of memory

How much free RAM do you have on your computer?
Parsing HTML pages requires that the index is stored in memory. With such an amount of data (25 GB), I think your computer ran out of memory (like the error message said).
Moreover, EXE files on Windows are limited to 4 GB so your publication would not work. I recommend you to break it into smaller parts.

I tried compiling, after spending several hours; All to find out that an error came up stating OUT OF MEMORY.

Please help me resolve this as am using the latest version of your application.

I would suggest that a module should be responsible for compressing the file size of PDF to the minimal size to allow easy surfing of the compiled .exe to avoid hanging.

Wouldn’t mind converting PDF to HTML, xml files

Please note that my Memory is ok.

Once again, what is the compressed size?
EXE files on Windows are limited to 4 GB so your publication would not work if it reaches this limit.

Currently the total size after compiling is 405MB. All files in HTML as the PDF files has been converted into PDF. Is there anyway I could as well compress the Compiled .EXE Application to reduce the App size from 405MB to minimal barest. Please suggest

The error is due to the “Generating index for the search engine…” => the search index is too large for your available remaining memory. Try to exclude some pages from search indexing or create smaller publications.