Paquet Builder 2018 released - July 7th, 2018

:loudspeaker: Paquet Builder 2018 released

Our installer and Self-Extracting 7-Zip archive maker Paquet Builder 2018.0 is available with faster decompression and several new features. Upgrade is highly recommended if your maintenance is still active.

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Changes in version 2018

  • Fully compatible with all recent Windows 10 updates.
  • Improved decompression speed for packages thanks to the upgrade of 7-Zip and LZMA SDK to version 18.05.
  • New variable operations available: Trim whitespaces, string length, extract a part of a string…
  • Packages run with administrative rights can now execute an app or open a document file as un-elevated process (with standard and not admin user rights). This is available in the Launch Program or Files page and in the Open a document file custom action.
  • The Open a document file custom action has a new Unelevated property to open a document file as un-elevated process.
  • Improvement: empty folders are no more created when the Component variable is set to 0.
  • New event for custom actions: After Shortcut/Registry Creation.
  • The After File Extraction event is now triggered before ShortCut/Registry creation.
  • You can now set empty values for variables (Perform operation on a variable CA).
  • New %USERPROFILE% pre-defined variable for retrieving the system path to the user’s home directory.
  • New custom action template to retrieve Windows 10 exact version.
  • Improved splash screen display while loading.
  • Paquet Builder’s behavior has been improved on multiple monitor setups.
  • Fixed: cannot create a variable with a value starting with a space. The leading space is removed at runtime.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

The full change log is available here


Paquet Builder is a mix between a 7-Zip Self-Extracting archive maker and a Setup routine generator. Thanks to its exhaustive feature set, create flexible and compact self-extractors for professional file and software delivery.

Package up any document or program files, visually construct simple or sophisticated multilanguage distribution and installation packages; generate updates and patches; wrap multimedia presentations or several Windows Installer MSI setups into single .exe files ready for delivery over the Internet.

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