Paquet Builder 3.3.1 is available (03/12/2015)

Paquet Builder 3.3.1 is up

We’re glad to make Paquet Builder 3.3.1 available to everyone. We recommend all users to upgrade if their maintenance hasn’t expired.
Get your copy of Paquet Builder at

What’s new

  • New multi-volume archive creation: you can build multi-volume Self-Extracting packages and 7z archives. This is useful for creating very large packages (Windows EXE filesize is limited to 4 GB).
  • Support for right to left languages. Languages have a new property "Change window layout to be right to left" allowing you to adapt the GUI of your packages for right to left languages.
  • New file mask support for file inclusion/exclusion during live update of components. Also available through directives.
  • You can now configure for each component whether subfolders should be recursed or not for live-update.
  • Paquet Builder is now based on 7-Zip and LZMA SDK 9.38 beta (2015-01-03).
  • New Sleep custom action that suspends package execution for a given amount of seconds.
  • The "unexpected error occurred while unpacking file(s)" message can be translated with the new ErrorUnpacking resource string. An error code is also displayed for troubleshooting purposes.
  • A code is now displayed for the "could not generate uninstaller" error.
  • Fixed: "FATAL ERROR: Could not initialize taskbar" error of the console compiler if run without a logged on user.
  • Fixed: characters like <, >, & are now properly rendered in "User Comment" custom action.
  • Fixed: customized folder prompt message was not saved.
  • Fixed: the variable %OSVER% was not able to detect Windows 2008 R2 OS and Windows Server 2012 R2 family. New values available for %OSVER%: see variable list
  • Language files were updated. Be sure to reload them in your previous multi-language projects.
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

New in v3.3.1

  • New directive CustomDestinationFolder to specify a custom destination folder for files.
  • Fixed bug: some files listed in directive [Source] section were not correctly included.
  • Updated C compiler and associated linker to Pelles C 8.00 RC8.