Paquet Builder 3.4 available - 11/16/15

We’re glad to release Paquet Builder 3.4 and we recommend all users to upgrade if their maintenance hasn’t expired.

What’s new

  • Improved support for Windows 10.
  • New custom action: “Read data from a file” which lets you read lines from text files and stores data into variables.
  • New property OtherAction for “Install MSI package or Update” which lets you run more MSI tasks than install or update.
  • Improved command-line parser for console compiler and GUI.
  • The screen location is now remembered when you navigate through dialog boxes.
  • Paquet Builder now remembers the last folder location when you add folders in File Manager.
  • Fixed: when the user clicks the back button, the user choice panel gets garbled information.
  • Fixed: “Locked file replace at startup” did not work.
  • Fixed: uninstaller removes UPX and MPRESS when upgrading.
  • Fixed: “Activation context generation failed” error log in PBCyoHash.
  • Fixed several random crashes in PBCmdCompiler.exe.
  • Improved Paquet Builder GUI.
  • Updated core DLL components.
  • Updated C compiler and associated linker to Pelles C 8.00 (final).
  • Updated documentation.

Paquet Builder lets you create installers and Self-Extracting archives using 7z compression. Build flexible installers for professional file and software delivery.

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