Paquet Builder 3.6.1 released - September 22nd, 2016

An update for our Self-Extracting archive and installer builder has been published.

We recommend all users to upgrade if their maintenance hasn’t expired.

What’s new

  • Fixed “Error Code -5” when files from a multi-volume archive were extracted.
  • Improved behavior of the build progress bar.

And in version 3.6:

  • Updated to latest 7-Zip and LZMA SDK versions (16.02).
  • Resource string and variable replacement is now possible in the “Welcome Screen” and other common dialog boxes with rich text.
  • Enhanced directives: you can now define package variables and set their values in directives thanks to the new [Variables] section.
  • Directives now accept your own directive variables in the [DirectiveVariables] section.
  • New custom action: Get Full Path of a Windows Known Folder. It lets you retrieve paths to system Known Folders not already available in Paquet Builder, such as AppData\Locallow and so on.
  • Our code signing utility now looks for certificates both in current user and local machine stores.
  • Fixed: task dialog sizing problem in Windows 10 anniversary update.
  • Fixed: EXE Format setting was not persistent sometimes.
  • Fixed: rare “Could Not Register Tab” error.
  • Updated console compiler.
  • Updated core DLL components.
  • Improved GUI resizing on High DPI displays.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Updated documentation.
  • New tutorial section available

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