Paquet builder issue with exeoutput

I have installed exeoutput (last version) and paquet builder 3, and
when I try to generate a package for PB I receive this error:

"Paquet builder was not found on your computer or is not correctly configured. Please install it first.

This issue will be fixed in ExeOutput 2.

Thank goodness! Have been trying to make this work for hours thinking my issue.

Sure will be glad to see V2, seems like it will solve a lot of issues I am having.

We hope so!

I am also facing same issue. I want to purchase exeoutput php but not sure it will work or not. Can you please tell me any possible solution to try demo without this problem.

Just ask for access to the Beta version.

I am currently experiencing the same error when I try to “Generate Installer” on the trial free version.