Paquet Builder Licencing

Do you have a guide for integrating wydat with Paquet Builder?

I have an Excel workbook packaged as an executable with XLSPadlock that I’m looking to distrubte with an installer and licence as well - with active management of licencing. Found out about wydat in the forum here, but unsure of how exactly to integrate the two. Do I need to write C code to be packaged with the Executable that executes when installed? Or can I just package their “TurboAcitvate” tool?


If it was possible to make use of XLSPadlocks online activation with Paquet Builder that would be even better?

Maybe in the future.

Try their activation tool if it can wrap up the EXE made with PB. Otherwise, you can call custom C functions from Paquet Builder. Refer to the documentation about that special custom action.