Paquet Builder Markdown Issues

First, the Markdown formatting seems to differ from Markdown standards/norms.
Instead of - Item Paquet Builder uses * Item for bulleted list.
Blockquote > has a render issue in the compiled version.

--- doesn’t produce a horizontal line

I’ve been referencing Markdown Cheat Sheet | Markdown Guide
for guidance. If there is a different recommended or supported markdown feature list/page.
I couldn’t locate one in the Paquet Builder documentation

Also switching from Markdown tab to Visual tab and back to Markdown tab produces an error

Numbered lists also don’t work.

    1. Numbered Item 1
    1. Numbered Item 2
    1. Numbered Item 3

Results in:

    1. Numbered Item 1
    1. Numbered Item 1
    1. Numbered Item 1

The markdown engine implemented does not handle all markdown formats. The ones available are accessible in the WYSIWYG editor.