Paquet Builder - Overwrites Compiler/UPX

When I update Paquet Builder, it always overwrites the Compiler/UPX folder and that means I need to restore the UPX folder with every upgrade. It would be nice if that folder was not wiped-out on a re-install.

Added to the TODO list. Actually, we’ll have to backup the folder with the installer before running the uninstaller.
Thank you!

Yes, real pain. Installed V3.4.1 and it would not work. Had to reinstall older version to complete work. Now UPX folder gone.

The uninstaller of V3.4.1 now takes care of that, so upgrading to V3.4.1 will not be OK but upgrading from V3.4.1 to future versions will. Another minor upgrade is also coming in January for SHA-2 code signing support.

Just installed 3.5. Had 3.4.1 installed. Working fine. Now UPX is once again missing. This is becoming a real big hassle…