Paquet Builder working with any licensing system?

Hi everybody,

does anybody know any licensing system which will work with Paquet Builder that the user will receive a key before being able to run the exe file?

I was thinking about a tool like but I have no idea if both tools would work together.

Tips would be much appreciated.



Paquet Builder generates standard EXE files that will work with any licensing system or PE protection tool. We successfully tested EXE files with Obsidium ( but any other similar software like PELock should be OK.
To prevent EXE files made with PB from being opened with 7-Zip or any unzip tool, be sure to encrypt files and you can even store the key into the package so that the later must be run to extract files.

Thx a lot for your quick reply. It is much appreciated.

Also your tip about the protection tool at

I just checked their website but I couldn’t find any info about if it would be possible to protect a software and deactivate a license if someone asks for a refund or does it only allow to create one serial number for all customers and deactivate this one if shared in the net?

It would be much appreciated if you could give me more information on how I can use this protection tool with Paquet Builder if possible. I am a German guy so if you want to reply in German language this would be possible as well.



Hi there again,

I just found an even better solution for my projects by using the licensing system at

The only problem is that I have no idea how I could protect the exe file created by Paquet Builder because they mention in their FAQs that executable files have to be protected separately. Here’s what they have written:

“No SDK’s, no complex libraries. If you know how to make a simple HTTP GET request, and how to parse an XML or JSON response, you can add full featured enterprise-grade license validation to your products – not just when they install the product, but every time the user runs it too.”

Please can you tell me how it can be done with Paquet Builder? Maybe show a screenshot again where and what I have to put into a field that those requirements are fulfilled?

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Go to
I have been using them for 12 years.
They have everything you need.
It is really easy to use.
take orders
You can Activate De-activate
do refunds
customer database.

Fogline thx for the great tip. However I would prefer it if someone could help me out for the LicenseCloud solution since they already provide the perfect solution for the payment gateways I will use for distributing my software and they are much cheaper as well. My software is not too expensive and when I see how much I would have to pay for licensing at SoftwareKey plus setup fee it wouldn’t fit into my marketing plans.

The big advantage at LicenseCloud is that you can start for free for the first 1000 calls and then you’ll pay an annual fee and not per software sale.

I am no programmer so I have no idea how the simple HTTP GET request, and how to parse an XML or JSON response can be done but I am sure here or at Paquet Builder there are enough developers who know how this can be done.

Hopefully waiting for someone to help me out, otherwise I would have to find a different solution other than Paquet Builder (I already bought a license 2 days ago) which works with LicenseCloud.



The problem is that Paquet Builder package won’t send a simple HTTP GET request. It’s not its goal. You need to find an EXE wrapper for LicenseCloud or maybe they offer some C code that could be called thanks to the C code custom action of Paquet Builder.
Another possibility: have you checked